Our goal is to ensure that every game we work with becomes a profitable venture.

We're dedicated to converting games for major console platforms, providing services to a wide range of clients with a diverse array of games. Our unique approach is designed to ensure that games reach their full potential and achieve substantial sales.

We offer these top-tier services at no cost, with the possibility of a minimum guarantee for larger projects. Our commitment is centered on the belief that every developer deserves the opportunity to earn from their creative work.


Our Experience

games on Nintendo Switch

Ultimate Games S.A. proudly stands among the Top 10 BIGGEST Publishers for Nintendo Switch, with more than 250+ games published on this platform! A notable achievement in this space is surpassing 3 million copies sold on Nintendo Switch! Most popular: House Flipper.

games on Microsoft Xbox

Our experience with Xbox games is built on a foundation of technical proficiency and market understanding. Our approach is focused on delivering high-quality gaming experiences to the Xbox community, consistently meeting and exceeding player expectations. Most popular: Car Mechanic Simulator

games on PlayStation

We handle all aspects of porting, marketing, and publishing, allowing developers to earn a growing profit share post-initial expense recovery. Our involvement with PlayStation games underscores our ability to navigate and excel in this highly competitive market. Most popular: Animal Shelter Simulator.

Development Teams

Our specialized development teams are experts in game porting. Their technical mastery and deep passion for gaming ensure that every game is seamlessly adapted for platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox or PlayStation, maintaining the game's essence while optimizing performance.

Why to choose us?

Our global expertise and proven track record, with over 300 satisfied partners worldwide. We cover all costs, from development to publishing, making your journey to market cost-free. Partner with us for unparalleled service, where your game's success is our top priority.

No hidden fees

Regular payments & reports

10 years of experience

300+ satisfied partners globally

Possibility of funding your new projects

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Frequently asked questions

1How long does the evaluation process take?
Depending on the game engine and project complexity, our evaluation process takes between 7 to 30 working days. We thoroughly assess each aspect to ensure the best strategy for your game's success.
2What is the revenue share model?
Our revenue share is tailored to each project, aiming for mutual satisfaction. You start earning from the first dollar made on consoles! The rate typically varies in two phases: pre and post cost recovery. For example, you might receive 30% of profits before costs are recovered, and 50% or more afterwards.
3How frequently are payments made?
We process all payments monthly. You'll receive a detailed financial report via email, summarizing sales on each console, rate conversions, and your total earnings. Simply issue an invoice to us, and you'll receive your payment within 14 days.
4Do I lose ownership of my game or IP when collaborating with you?
No, you grant us the license to distribute your game. In cases where we cover the costs, we obtain exclusive distribution rights for the game on consoles.
5Can you provide a minimum guarantee for successful PC games?
Yes, for games that have been successful on PC platforms like Steam or Epic, we can offer a minimum guarantee (MG) before the release of the game's port.
6Do you finance game development or ideas?
Indeed, we finance game productions up to $300,000, with a particular interest in simulators, especially fishing games. We're keen on supporting projects that align with our expertise.
7Can you publish a game that is already ported?
Absolutely, we offer not just porting but also standalone publishing and marketing services, catering to various needs of game developers.
8What types of games are best suited for your publishing model?
We analyze all projects, but simulators tend to perform best on consoles. We welcome a variety of genres and styles to see how we can best assist in bringing your game to a wider audience.
9Do you offer post-launch support for games?
Post-launch support is arranged on an individual basis. If your game is in early access, we generally recommend releasing it on consoles and porting the FULL VERSION of the game. Games often undergo refactoring during development, and updating them on consoles might require redoing the port.
10Do you port Early-Access games?
For games in Aarly Cccess, we recommend releasing them in full version on PC and then porting the full version to consoles. This approach avoids the need for redoing the port due to potential changes and updates during the game's development phase at PC.
11Are there any geographical restrictions for collaborations?
There are no geographical restrictions. We are open to working with developers from all over the world, aiming to bring diverse gaming experiences to various markets.
12Do you also publish games on PC?
Yes, we are very experienced in PC game publishing, collaborating with a multitude of developers. We are the proud publishers of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator series, showcasing our expertise and success in the PC gaming market.

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